Sunstone Press, Santa Fe, New Mexico is to publish “Death at La Osa ~ A Pueblo Tribal Police Mystery”

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Death at La Osa Headed for Typesetting Soon!

Hello friends and fellow readers!

I’m happy to announce that my novel, Death at La Osa, will be published soon! Sunstone Press of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the publisher, and they are about to typeset the novel.

Publication for Winter 2021-2022!

Death at La Osa will be available for purchase on Amazon and with other national and international distributors. The novel will be printed and made available in e-book form.

When Death at La Osa is available this early fall for pre-order, I will post its status on this website and also on my Facebook Author Page and regular Facebook page. Sign up for Author posts on this website to have up-to-date information of when to pre-order or order for Christmas.

What Death at La Osa is about

North of Taos, New Mexico, an unidentified murder victim wearing a belt with a turquoise buckle of rare dendrite quality is discovered on the edge of the Tulona Reservation. Tribal policeman Richard Tafoya takes charge of the investigation to determine the identity and killer. Tafoya meets Forest Service biology specialist Janet Rael as he follows leads from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the Navajo Reservation in the west. Within a social interplay of Puebloan, Hispano, and Anglo cultures, Tafoya searches for the kill site to unravel the strange numbers on the back of the turquoise stones. The Tulona Pueblo’s ceremonies of racing and pole climbing on Feast Day provide a mystical overlay to the chase. With the aid of a Navajo medicine man and a cartographer with the Bureau of Land Management, Tafoya and Janet discover not only the prehistoric turquoise mine, but also the killer. Along the way they brave high mountain altitudes, desert mesas, National Forests, and sharp changes in weather from desert heat to snow and rain. Includes Readers Guide.

Reviewers’ Quotes

“Really, really good! This is going to be published, I assure you. You kept the tension going right up to the conclusion.”

“I finished your manuscript two weeks ago–sat and read through it in one weekend. I enjoyed it very much. I was impressed at the way you developed your characters and the way you kept the tension going right up to the very end. I was surprised at how you began the story, but there was really no other way to build the arc without the secretive beginning.” ~ Government Instructor, Texas A&M University at Canyon, Texas

“I’m so impressed, Jack. Truly. This is good stuff!” ~ English Professor, Cisco College, Abilene, Texas

“I reviewed Death at La Osa from a law enforcement perspective. I found no mistakes. I had it on my desk at home, and my wife [international best-selling author] casually picked it up and could not stop reading it. She wants me to tell you, ‘I want to put Jack in touch with my agent.'”

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Please take time to sign up for my regular posts on this website. I’ll write about my sources and contacts that provided me inspiration for both my novels. I know you’ll find it interesting to see how I created the turquoise jewelry scenes and the pueblo ceremonies of the Tulona. Also, how I came by the image of the tribal policeman Tafoya–for only two minutes I saw a young Taos tribal policeman at the Taoseno Restaurant checking out at the counter after breakfast. Then I began writing about that scene; three novels later, here I am, still with that character.

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King’s Manassa turquoise mine located in southern Colorado. Photo by Jack Matthews, 2019.