Jack’s Newsletter July 29, 2019

Hello out there!

I don’t know where you live, but it’s hot here in Fort Worth, Texas. The weather affects us all, if only to avoid it by staying indoors under air conditioning. Officially, we have not broken 100 degrees, but the heat index has taken us above 100 several days. We have humidity here in Fort Worth that makes it seem hotter. Whew!

Headed to Taos

I’ll be traveling to Taos in the not-too-distant future to verify some scene descriptions in my novel, Death at La Osa. The novel has locations about the Taos vicinity, including Carson National Forest, Arroyo Seco, Arroyo Hondo, and the highway to Espanola and Santa Fe. There are many other locations in my book, but I want you to be surprised!

Ortega & Rael Pueblo Tracker Mysteries

Death at La Osa is completed and is approximately 90,000 words. The second Ortega & Pueblo Tracker Mystery is in the making already! with 25,000 words. I am excited with Tribal policeman Richard Ortega and Janet Rael, biology specialist for the Forest Service, teaming up to solve mysteries. They like each other, and I’m sure their relationship will grow stronger as they work together. Tribal policeman Tafoya is with the fictional Tulona Pueblo. Janet is Isleta. Both are Tiwa.


Death at La Osa involves murder, identities, Pueblo mysticism. Overarching these themes is the search for the mine that yielded a never-before-seen turquoise. The turquoise belt buckle holds many answers, if it can only be deciphered.

Please check back on the website or sign up for notification of posts! Thanks, ~ Jack

Corrections: “not-to-distant” to “not-too-distant”. Adding “Jack’s” to title.

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